Society Constitution

The Society shall be called the Wexford Historical Society. The objects of the Society shall be as follows:


  1. To encouragethestudy ofthehistory, archaeology and antiquities ofCountyWexford.
  2. To encourage protection and restoration of objects of historic, archaeological and environment interest, especially inCountyWexford.
  3. To present lectures, talks, seminars, etc in connection withtheabove objectives.
  4. To arrange outings at appropriate times to places of historical or archaeological.
  5. To periodically publish a journal and any other materialthecommittee may sanction.



  1. The officers oftheSociety shall consist of a President, Vice-President, Chairperson, Vice-Chairperson, Hon. Secretary, Hon. Treasurer and PRO, together with 8 (eight) ordinary members all of whom shall be elected attheAnnual General Meeting (AGM) oftheSociety.


  1. Nominations for Officers oftheSociety to be submitted in writing and received bytheSecretary not less than 7 (seven) days beforetheAGM and to includethesignature/s of consenting nominee/s.


  1. Election of Officers oftheSociety shall be by ballot attheAGM and in case of a person beingthesole nominee for an office that person shallthereupon be deemed to be elected. Officer vacancies due to resignation or death may be filled bytheCommittee.


  1. Nominations for Committee Members may be taken fromthefloor attheAGM provided thattheconsent oftheNominee is obtained and submitted totheSecretary before proceeding. In case of a vacancy arising,theCommittee shall have power to co-opt to fillthevacancy.


  1. Holding of office bythePresident and other Hon. Officers shall continue untiltheconclusion ofthenext AGM aftertheir election butthey shall be eligible for re-election, provided that no Hon. Officer, withtheexception oftheHon. Secretary and/or Hon. Treasurer, shall hold office for more than three consecutive years. On expiration of such period one further year must elapse beforethesaid Hon. Officer/s shall be eligible for re-election.


  1. The editor oftheJournal, who will be responsible for its production, shall be appointed bytheCommittee and will be a memberthereof.


  1. The President and Vice President may attend and vote at all meetings oftheCommittee.


  1. The management oftheSociety shall betheresponsibility oftheCommittee, who shall meet at least 6 (six) times each year. One third of allthefull Committee shall constitute a quorum.


  1. The Hon. Secretary in conjunction withtheOfficers oftheSociety shall be responsible for calling all meetings and shall keeptheMinutes of each meeting.


  1. The Hon. Treasurer shall maintaintheaccount books oftheSociety, lodge all monies intotheSociety’s bank account (s) and prepare a statement of account fortheAGM. An external Auditor shall be appointed bytheCommittee. Two members oftheCommittee may be appointed to carry out stocktaking of assets oftheSociety.


  1. Non-attendance of a Committee Member: any committee member failing to attend meetings without due cause and without notice totheHon. Secretary shall be deemed to have resigned fromtheCommittee.


  1. Membership is open to all who are interested intheobjects oftheSociety and who paytheapplicable subscription as shall be fixed each year attheAGM. To allow entitlement tothebenefits of membership, subscriptions are due for renewal onthefirst working day of January each year.


  1. Honorary Life Membership may be granted bytheCommittee to any member who has given long and distinguished service totheSociety. Such Honorary Life Members shall havethefull rights of ordinary members.


  1. Any 20 (twenty) members oftheSociety may requiretheHon. Secretary to convene an Extraordinary General Meeting and iftheHon. Secretary shall refuse ortheoffice of Hon. Secretary be vacant,they may convenethemeeting, giving 14 (fourteen) days notice by post to all members. At such a Meeting, 20 (twenty) members shall constitute a quorum andthere shall be discussed only such matters as are set out inthenotice conveningthemeeting.


  1. Voting on Resolutions shall be on a show of hands at all meetings unless 2 (two) members shall demand a secret ballot. In such a case be called and two tellers appointed bytheChairperson.


  1. These rules may be amended only by a majority of two thirds of members present and voting at a general meeting of which at least 14 (fourteen) days notice must be given to all members givingtheproposals for change – or otherwise by postal ballot of which similar notice shall be given.


  1. The Society may wound up by a two thirds majority of members present and voting. Any property of funds oftheSociety shallthen be transferred to another historical, archaeological or genealogical society interested inthehistory ofCountyWexford.