Diary 2017

Wednesday, January 18th St. Michael’s Centre 8pm

Guilty but Insane: J. C. Bowen-Colthurst – Villain or Victim?

James Taylor, Wexford Historical Society member

Captain J.C. Bowen-Colthurst, originally from Cork, served with the British Army in the Boer War, in Tibet and in the Great War. Having been wounded, he returned to Ireland and was caught up in the 1916 rebellion when he was responsible for the deaths of six unarmed civilians, including the pacifist Francis Sheehy-Skeffington. The resulting outrage was one of the key factors in turning the tide of Irish public opinion towards independence. This lecture will correct many published errors, debunk some myths and reveal the personal side to a much-maligned historical character.

James W. Taylor is a retired civil servant, originally from Dublin but living in Wexford for over forty years. He is a Fellow of the Royal Historical Society and a trustee of the Royal Ulster Rifles Museum in Belfast. He researches Irish involvement in the First World War and has published two books: The 1st Royal Irish Rifles in the Great War and The 2nd Royal Irish Rifles in the Great War to critical acclaim.