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Every year during Wexford Festival Opera, Wexford Historical Society holds its Dr. George Hadden Memorial Lecture. Dr Hadden was remarkable in many ways: a Wexford man who lived in China, a medical missionary of the Methodist faith… and a husband who apparently trekked 10,000 miles to find his lost family. On his retirement to Wexford he established The Old Wexford Society now known as The Wexford Historical Society.

This year the annual lecture will be broadcast on South East Radio on Monday, October 26h at 8.00pm. Entitled ‘The wisest and most patriotic course’? The Irish Parliamentary Party and the War of Independence. It will be given by Dr. Martin O’Donoghue


The Irish Parliamentary Party and its supporters found themselves in a strange and unfamiliar position in the aftermath of Sinn Féin’s stunning victory at the 1918 election.   However, the Irish Party was not quite dead as the first Dáil met and shots were fired at Solohedbeg. The old party, in fact, retained significant support around the country, and this lecture will examine the views of the party and its supporters as violence escalated in the years which followed.


Dr Martin O’Donoghue teaches modern British and Irish history at the University of Sheffield. He has previously lectured at Northumbria University, and the University of Limerick… He is also a former Academic Director of the Parnell Summer School and a frequent visitor to Wexford, having spoken at the 2017 Willie Redmond seminar and the 2018 centenary seminar on John Redmond. His first book, The Legacy of the Irish Parliamentary Party in Independent Ireland, 1922-1949, was published by Liverpool University Press last year